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Whilst pregnancy is certainly not the time to start training for a marathon, the old belief that pregnant women should put their feet up and adopt a sedentary lifestyle is long gone. It is now widely known that there are incredible health benefits of staying fit and healthy throughout pregnancy both for you and your baby.

Our licensed prenatal or antenatal personal trainers are experts in designing safe and effective pregnancy fitness programs that will help you to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Our pregnancy exercise programs will boost your body confidence as you work on maintaining your strength, fitness, flexibility, stamina and energy. This ensures that you not only experience a shorter, easier and less complicated labour but that you regain your pre-pregnancy body shape quickly and easily after giving birth.

Your individually designed pregnancy fitness program will be carefully tailored to each trimester of your pregnancy with an emphasis placed upon maintaining core fitness, stretching, strengthening your stomach muscles and your pelvic floor in preparation for giving birth, and minimising the effects of pregnancy on your posture. The program will be adjusted as your pregnancy progresses and your qualified prenatal personal trainer will constantly monitor how you and your baby are doing.

With many years of practical experience working with pregnant mums, our licensed antenatal personal trainers have both the qualifications and knowledge to offer safe and sound advice, understanding exactly how to adapt exercises so that you and your baby do not come to any harm. By providing expert information and training they will keep you fit, safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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