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Nine months of dramatic physical changes can leave your body feeling overweight, tired and out-of-shape. Most new mums can't wait to regain the figure they had before they were pregnant, or even improve on it. There is no doubt that personal training with our specialist post-natal personal trainers, is by far the quickest, safest and most effective method of burning fat and regaining your pre-pregnancy body shape. In fact, as soon as you have received the go-ahead from your midwife or doctor at your six-week postpartum check-up you are ready to begin our postnatal personal training program.

Our postnatal personal training specialists are experts at creating effective exercise programs that will correctly address your unique physical needs as a postnatal mum helping you to get strong, lean and energised whilst keeping you motivated and monitored every step of the way.

Specifically designed for postnatal women, our programs incorporate a blend of resistance, stability, cardio and postural exercises proven to help burn unwanted body fat, improve aerobic fitness, boost metabolism, strengthen the lower back and tone the muscles in the stomach, bum, chest, thighs and arms.

Understanding that every mom is different, our post-natal personal trainers create individually tailored postnatal home fitness programs that address your specific strengths, weaknesses and fitness level. Activities may include power walking, resistance training, rebounding, Pilates, boxercise, medicine ball and swiss ball work, low-impact circuits and full core conditioning.

Within just a few weeks of sessions with one of our personal trainers you will have more energy, greater stamina, less stress, greater flexibility, increased self-esteem and far greater body confidence. By combining specific techniques with correct eating habits, our postnatal personal trainers can help you to lose your baby weight, increase your energy and tone your body enabling you to better cope with the demands of motherhood.

All of our professional personal trainers hold nationally accredited postnatal fitness certifications and have many years of experience working with new mums. Most of our trainers also hold advanced academic degrees in health sciences, fitness and physical therapy. This means that our personal trainers are able to get you the real results you want whilst ensuring you adopt safe and proper technique at all times.

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