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All new clients begin with a free initial consultation. This gives you the opportunity to meet with your personal trainer and to discuss, in a relaxed environment, your training goals, lifestyle and schedule in more detail. It also gives your trainer the opportunity to outline their plan for meeting and exceeding your goals. The consultation can take place at a time and a place that's convenient for you, such as your home, office or local coffee shop.

During this initial consultation your trainer will run through a comprehensive lifestyle and medical questionnaire, allowing them to build a full and accurate picture of your health. This helps our personal trainers to understand your physical condition including any injuries or limitations you may have, as well as giving them an overview of your current diet, activity levels and daily schedule.

During the consultation, your trainer will listen carefully to your requirements, and will ask you detailed questions about your needs. This ensures that should you wish to go ahead with your training, your personal trainer is able to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it and in the manner and form that best suits you.

The initial consultation is completely obligation-free. If by the end of the meeting you would like to go ahead and book some personal training then you and your trainer can agree upon your first session date. But no matter what you decide, we hope that the consultation will leave you feeling even more motivated to take action towards a healthier lifestyle.

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