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  • Wednesday October 29, 2014
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Here are my top 10 tips on eating healthy, without breaking the budget:

1- Workout your budget and set a monthly limit. I say monthly, as a lot of items you can buy in bulk and help you save!

2- Always meal plan. Rule number 1. Not only are you ensuring your family get the nutrients they need, but also your organization means you have more time for other things. When you plan ahead you can set the slow cooker in the morning and come home to dinner that night!

3- Shop at the markets. We are lucky and we have numerous options for produce markets. Buying direct from the grower means that you not only save money, but usually it is organic and fresher!

4- Buy in season! When strawberries are not in season you can pay up to $12 a punnet!! Currently in season we are paying $5 for 3 whole punnets! Fruits like mango, strawberries, blueberries etc are great to freeze whilst in season for smoothies.

5- Buy in bulk- If you eat meat, you can save a lot of money by buying monthly in bulk. Portion it into zip-lock bags and freeze.

6- Make your own! A dehydrator was the best thing I bought, you can pick these up for $30, and make your own dried fruits, fruit rollups and so much more. Perfect for school lunches. Pre packaged lunch box foods cost you well over $4 an item, making your own works out around 40c.

7- Make leftovers into meals. We have all been guilty of throwing left over’s into the garbage. But some of my favourite leftover rescues are: Spaghetti Bolognese into lasagne, or burritos. Turn soup into chicken casserole, the options are endless.

8- Never shop hungry- Ahhh… This is my rule number 1! I’m sure you have done it too- starving whilst shopping so you buy everything you see!

9- Ensure you cut up fruit and vegetables and store it properly to ensure it doesn’t spoil quicker than needed.

10- Buying fancy milks, gluten free treats, fancy fruits or ‘trends’ can leave you scratching your head at how your bill came to so much. Keep it simple. If you are struggling for money this week, skip the treats. Make your own milk, blend oats in the processor to make your own flour- there are so many tricks at doing things ‘home made’ to save the bank!

I hope that helps you out a little! A little about me, 3 years ago I was a single mum living off 1 income. I had to put both boys into day care, forced to work full time, to afford to even pay our rent. I know all about budgeting to get by, but eating clean really doesn’t need to be an expensive lifestyle change. Simple swaps are all it takes. Like those sausages on sale, swap that for some chicken breast and make a stir fry instead- same price, no processed meats- just a healthy, delicious meal for the whole family!

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Lula Polk

June 2, 2017

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