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During your first personal training session your personal trainer will carry out a comprehensive health and fitness assessment in order to establish baseline measurements for your blood pressure, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, posture and strength. The results of the health assessment will be explained to you so that you understand your measurements and how they relate to recommended guidelines.

The health assessment can be repeated at set stages throughout the course of your training so that you and your trainer can accurately monitor your progress, as well as looking at areas where you could make improvements. The health assessments are a highly motivational tool, allowing clients to see the real results that they are achieving as their training progresses to each new level.

Each of our experienced personal trainers will use their own system for carrying our your health assessment and will be looking to assess a combination of the following:-

• Body Composition - Weight, Body Fat, Visceral Fat and Metabolic Age
• Hip-to-Waist Ratio
• Postural Alignment
• Core Function & Stability
• Muscular Strength & Endurance
• Flexibility
• Hand Grip Strength
• Peak Expiratory Flow
• Submaximal Cardiovascular Analysis
• Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate
• Kinetic Chain Function (seeing how your body moves as a whole)

From the results of such assessment your personal trainer will be able to build a personal training program designed to promote a healthy, functional and injury free body. Your trainer may use the results of your assessment to focus additional attention upon fat loss, functional strength training, endurance, corrective exercise and flexibility, core stability or muscular rebalancing.

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